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My name is Alessia Memoli, I am an amateur photographer in love with nature and exploration. The passion for photography was born from the first trip to the United States which took place in 2011.

Since then I have been able to appreciate it in all the adventures made in other places. Each shot is derived from my being and my personal vision of the world.

Photography also led me to become passionate about writing. I like to describe my feeling and the environment that surrounds me, focusing on what deserves to be exalted.


alessiamemoli photographer


- Finalist at Bio Contest 2021

alessiamemoli award "biocontest"

- Finalist at the Glanzlichter 2022

award photography by alessiamemoli
alessiamemoli in the desert
alessiamemoli photography on Dolomites
alessiamemoli to the spain coastline
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